At any one time, we help over 800 people living with terminal illnesses to live comfortably in their own homes. When you are referred to us, you will be contacted by a member of the Hospice Community Team who will review your symptoms, pain and medication and work closely with your GP and other healthcare professionals to ensure you and your family are receiving the care and support you need.

We can offer practical assistance in the form of equipment to help you maintain your mobility and independence around the home. We can also provide emotional & spiritual care, welfare advice, social support, as well as guidance and support to parents of school aged children.

Your Hospice Community Team member would encourage you and your loved ones to come to the Hospice and access our specialist compassionate care and support via our new Hospice Hub service in Magnolia Place. Magnolia Place is a light, airy and cheerful space, where every week our Hospice colleagues and volunteers will offer a range of services, many of which operate on a flexible drop-in basis. Patients and carers can socialise, speak to members of our Drop-in Team, and attend optional supportive sessions.

We have also prepared some videos for you and your carers which provide practical advice on managing some of the effects of your illness. We hope they are helpful.

We also have a private Patient and Carer Facebook group which you are welcome to join. This group is for social support, so if you need any urgent clinical or medical support or advice please ring your GP or the Hospice.

“The team at the Hospice have been amazing. It’s so hard dealing with things you never thought you’d have to deal with but they give you the reassurance that you’re not on your own. They understand what you’re going through and they treat you like individuals. They’re awe inspiring.”

Yvonne Hemsley carer to her husband Michael

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