Start Date - Monday 30 November 2020

End Date - Thursday 31 December 2020

By sponsoring our nurses, help us to care and make a difference at one of the most difficult times in people’s lives

The atmosphere here at Heart of Kent Hospice is very special. We support patients, their families and carers to live in comfort, with independence and dignity throughout their illness and to the end of their lives. We do everything we can, to make it possible for our patients to be cared for where they choose. We have 28 amazing nurses and healthcare assistants caring for patients at the Hospice and in the community

It is thanks to the ongoing generosity and support that we have received, since we opened in 1991, we have been able to support over 15,700 people and their families.

This Christmas don’t be a ‘secret’ Santa. Be loud and proud and show you want to help make a real difference by sponsoring our Heart of Kent Hospice Nurses.  Be the reason we can provide such compassionate and vital care.


Help sponsor a nurse

By helping to sponsor a Heart of Kent Hospice nurse you’re the reason they can provide around the clock care. 

Can you be there for them?  


Meet our nurses

Our nursing team sees every patient as an individual and recognises everyone is different; which means their needs are different too. This is the reason why we tailor our care and support. Many people tell us of the difference we have made, by making every day precious at the most difficult of times. Our care is local, free and is offered to everyone who needs it.

What it means to me to be a Dementia Nurse at Heart of Kent Hospice

Pam: “Being a Dementia Nurse at Heart of Kent Hospice is a position held with great pride.  It is a privilege to work alongside those living with dementia and their carers, giving support and advice during times that are often challenging. Being able to make a difference by providing help, direction and individualised care can enable acceptance of a dementia diagnosis and provide the reassurance that it is possible to live well with dementia.  There are many challenges faced as a Dementia Nurse, but these are learning opportunities enabling a wider and improved scope of care.

What it means to me to be a Ward Sister at Heart of Kent Hospice

Laura: “I have worked at the hospice for 11 years providing palliative care.  Every patient I care for, I make sure their death is as dignified and respectful as possible.  Everyone at the Hospice does their absolute best for our patients, we make them feel safe and cared for.  That level of care has and will never, ever change. When I was just 11 years old, I was with my grandad when he passed away. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse, but from that moment on, I wanted to look after people who were at the end of their life.

What it means to be a Registered Sister at Heart of Kent Hospice

Heather: “It’s an honour I am aware of every day that I work. I play an essential role in palliative care, helping people living with a terminal illness and everyone affected by their diagnosis to achieve the best quality of life.  I’m able to help someone at the end of their life to be comfortable, providing support to them and their loved ones. 

“Not only do I ensure they are physically comfortable, but I also care for their whole being, body, mind, and spirit.  Every family changes my life and I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and that I was their nurse and helped them through one of the toughest times any of us will face.

What it means to be a Community Nurse at Heart of Kent Hospice

Jacquie: “Caring for patients and their families in their own homes can be challenging, but my role helps to bring the skills, care and compassion of the Hospice team to patients and their loved ones to enable them to be cared for where they wish to be. It is really important to listen and build a relationship with the people I care for, so that I can make sure I concentrate on what is important to them and what is worrying them. I love my job because the care and support I can give can make such a difference when it matters most.


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