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Hospice Lottery

Join our Hospice lottery today for your chance to win over £1,600 in cash prizes every week and upto £10,000 in our rollover!

Nearly 6,000 of our supporters play the Hospice lottery each week and it’s a great way of supporting the Hospice. In the previous financial year 63.5% of the income from our weekly lottery was given directly to Heart of Kent Hospice, this equates to an amazing £260,005.

There are 23 cash prizes to be won each week, with the top prize of £1,000.

You can sign up for just £1 a week and the draw is held every Friday.

Sign up for your chance to win £1,000 online by clicking HERE to set up a Direct Debit payment.

Weekly prizes include:

How does it work?

• Each entry costs £1 per week

• You will be given your own unique five digit membership number and unique lottery numbers which are entered into the weekly draw

• The draw takes place every Friday and we post the winning numbers on our website and in the Kent Messenger

• There’s no need to claim your prizes as cheques are posted to the winners straightaway

• You must be 16 years or over to play.

Good luck!

At Heart of Kent Hospice we strive to provide outstanding care and service to all our patients, families/carers and supporters. If however, you have an unfortunate circumstance and you want to make an adverse comment or have a complaint, please click HERE

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