Many companies offer employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money they raise. Companies pledge to match a sum of money relating to the amount their employee has either raised or donated to charity, or alternatively they might pledge time, resources or gifts in kind instead.

A match funding scheme can be adopted by any company no matter how big or small. Supermarkets, banks and building societies, insurance companies, utilities providers, phone companies and car manufacturers are known to offer match funding schemes.

If you are fundraising for us, why not find out if your company has a match funding scheme and take advantage of it. Or if you are volunteering at an event find out if your employer also matches volunteer time. 

If your company doesn’t yet have a match funding scheme it might be worth putting forward a suggestion for one. Matched funding reflects really well on your company and it tangibly demonstrates to an employee that their contributions and efforts outside of work are recognised.

Here is an example of how Matched Funding can work:

Emily took part in the 2018 Brighton Marathon and the 2019 London Marathon. Her company offer a match funding scheme, and matched her fundraising £1 for £1 up to £500, enabling Emily to double her fundraising total. She said:

“My company offer matched funding for both hours colleagues volunteer for a charitable organisation, as well funds raised by colleagues. They make it really easy to do, with minimal administration! Heart of Kent Hospice falls within the criteria of being a registered charity and a cause benefitting the wider community. I’d encourage everyone to ask if this is something their organisation offers and get your colleagues on board too!”

For more information or support on match funding please email our fundraising team who will be happy to help you - 

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