Like many students, having finished his A’ Levels Ammar decided to take a gap year before starting his medical studies at Hull York Medical School in September 2018. One of the more challenging things he chose to do during the year was to volunteer at Heart of Kent Hospice on their 10-bed Inpatient Unit.

After a four week induction and theoretical training, Ammar undertook practical placements with other Patient Care Volunteers. His performance was monitored by the nurses and his training passport “stamped” once he had shown he was competent to work alone.

In summary about his experience over the last five months Ammar says, “I’ve found the role of Patient Care Volunteer really enjoyable. I believe the experience will help to make me a better Doctor in the future.”

“It has been both a pleasure and a challenge supporting Ammar” says Pauline a fellow Patient Care Volunteer, “He is so keen and asks many questions, it has really kept me on my toes” she continues.

“The Patient Care Volunteer role varies from shift to shift” explains Ammar. “As well as practical support for the nurses such as; communicating menu choices to patients, serving patients and their family meals, replenishing water jugs, we help to create a very friendly environment for the patients and their visitors, prepare rooms and help the nurses respond to buzzer calls.”

“Many people think that volunteering has to be a long term commitment but there are many different roles and lots of flexibility. One of the things I have most enjoyed is listening to patients and their family’s’ stories, I’ve had a great experience and would definitely consider coming back in the future.”

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