Heart of Kent Hospice is facing a funding crisis like never before and the threat of closure later this year.


Our doctors, nurses and support teams are continuing to help over 880 terminally ill patients and their families to navigate the turmoil of their illness and the current crisis, both in their homes and in the Hospice Inpatient Unit.  The team must get used to delivering that care from behind a mask and gloves and without the hugs which come so naturally to them.

Like you, we don’t know how long this is going to last, but we do know that every day more people will be diagnosed with a terminal illness and will be referred to our care.  We know that some people will die before their time because of the coronavirus and we want them to also experience the comfort and dignity which our Hospice provides. 

We also know that many more people will need the support of our bereavement services as families and friends will be left devastated by the sudden loss of those they love and by not being able to say goodbye properly.

We want to be there for you – so right now, we need you to be there for us.

We have had to cancel all our fundraising activities and close our fourteen charity shops.  Our services have always been very dependent on the support of our local community  –  but most of this income has suddenly vanished.

We have some savings to get us through difficult times but these will run out later this year if we don’t receive enough help. We are asking the government for support in this crisis and also asking you to help secure our future.


We appreciate that times are hard for many at the moment, but ask you to please give what you can.

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